3091780862 Mobile application, Ski tracker Snow Heads - skier and snowboarders assistant. Мобильное приложение навигатор, лыжный трекер Snow Heads - Ваш личный горнолыжный помощник.

Your personal the ski and snowboarders assistant

Be you a skier or a snowboarder, the SnowHeads app will provide you with convenient navigation around the mountain resort and it is path, as well as with detailed statistic and analysis of your movement, and of team competition with your friends

Private skiing data statistic.


Keep your personal statistics. Duration of descents number of covered kilometers, average speed, burnt calories, elevation changes, number of descents, and a dozen more indexes of your riding experience will always be at hand from now on.


Create tournaments, invite your friends, collect points and get to the top of the leaderboard.

SnowHeads on your mobile platform

We provide the application version for iPhone and Apple Watch, as well as for Android, Windows and Blackberry Mobile devices. You may also access your data on-line. Snow Heads' performance is equally hight on popular devices. Snow Heads works equally well on all popular devices.

Offline 3D-maps

Exclusiv 3-D offline maps of ski slopes in your phone, will help you save money on mobile communication and enjoy all the charm of a 3-D navigation.

Displaying friends on the map

You are lost or do not know where your friends are now? Just add them to your group and you'll always know the location of each other.

Easy navigation

SnowHeads help you quickly find rout and navigate to the slopes, lifts, find phone number ski school, equipment rental, reserv a table at a cafe or just take a trip around the skiresort.

Voice control and playback

Voice playback and control of the application gives you more freedom in your actions while skiing at the skiresort.

Detailed tracking statistics

Your activity in the diagrams is one of the functions of the application SnowHeads. You can view your data in a graphical form on any devices. This feature will be useful for professional skiers and snowboarders, as well as for those who thoroughly track their performance for self-improvement.

Riding history

SnowHeads application allows you to monitor and record data throughout the day - to measure time, speed, distance, elevation, calories, incline descent and 11 parameters of your activity on the ski resort. Save all your achievements and results, adjust your efforts, share and compare your results with your friends' ones.

SOS Function

Whether you are a professional or a beginner skier, freerider skier or snowboarder - never forget about your safety. To keep you safe we have provided the function "SOS" in the app. If you need emergency assistance - the program will send the exact coordinates of your location with the text of the rescue service and your friends.

Team competitions

Create tournaments, invite your friends, collect points, and become the leader of the standings, or just arrange a one on one race with your rival.

Tracking recording

Save all your achievements and results, adjust your efforts, share and compare your results with your friends' ones.

Webcam broadcasts from resort

Radio mode and chat

Keep in touch with your friends either with the group chat or Walkie Talkie functions

Synchronization with social networks

Publish your statistics, routes, achievements, awards, photos and videos in all popular social networks with just one touch.

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